Top Ten things to do on Vacation


  1.  Golfing at the most prestigious courses from around the world.
  2. Getting clean fresh air and soothing breezes.
  3. Taking a cruise- Watching the sun go down.
  4. Walking along a beach after an amazing lunch or dinner.
  5. Rafting the waters that sends butterflies within you
  6. 6.Swimming in the crystal clear blue ocean
  7. Escaping to your favorite camping spots
  8. Reading or listening to books from your favorite author(s)
  9. Hiking the most adventurous and breath-taking trails
  10. Dancing the night away


As an added touch:


  • Attending sporting events of your favorite team(s)
  • Heading out to Casinos with family and/or freinds
  • Theme parks- Disneyland, Seaworld and Universal Studios


As an extra bonus:


  • Last but not least———SLEEP
  • Goodnight


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