Understanding Women – Men, Things you need to know

Real life events (Part 1)

For many centuries. Men have always tried to the end of time. To bring light about understanding women. It has become a task to only be defeated. To hit you off in the right direction. Men NEVER will. Why. Pay close attention for what is about to be revealed. Although, results may differ. The evolution of women is forever changing or shape shifting throughout time. Little known power they are born granted with. Gives them a future that is unrealistic to modern day. There are 2 significant areas that men can not endure. Giving life and intuition. Both are powerful on its own. The essence of a woman is not just about her beauty, physical shape and career. What lays beneath it all. To capture and soak in her deepest treasures. Can be seen by her efforts shown daily. If you missed a step or even skipped. Back to square one.

Little did men know. That every blink of an eye, every breath she takes and every word spoken. Holds clues of what you need to know. If you think being the handsomest, money and being the most physically fit can win a pure woman. Take a look around. Winning the heart of a woman takes much more than that. Giving her material gifts, money and trips will seal the deal. Think again. Try harder. Trying harder is the key to start. What is it? Devote your sincere time. Once again. Be sincere. Your efforts may fade. But, her’s doesn’t. Get the picture. There are a million things going through their minds every second of the day. There may be books, videos, doctors, and other public education about this. Take notes when ever it is convenient. At least, use technology to help guide you in the right direction. Get creative.

What’s next? If you are not confident about yourself. The right woman can help. But, don’t ruin it. Take the first step. Open yours eyes. Look around. Absorb their amazing talents. Additional tools men can educate themselves are from female family members. On the other end of the spectrum. Being too educated can pop the bubble. But, to follow in another mans shadow will get noticed quickly. Role playing will get you knocked off or kicked to the curb. If you play your cards right. A women’s power will unveil itself.
Then here’s a twist. There are simple women that don’t complicate issues. Wanting the gifts of a simple man. Why is it? Women are all born with the same foresight. Making her life of what counts. That’s the knowledge you must seek. By all means. Your quest to seek out that perfect woman. That perfect woman will find you. Don’t ask how it all works. It just does. Don’t ask for an explanation. Go back to intuition.
One major hint. What most women don’t want. Couch potato men, illegal activities, drugs and alcoholic men. But, most of all. Liars!!! Why? She will soon find out. Don’t test the waters. What are the famous words? Yes, Intuition. Think it doesn’t exist. Ask a senior male for advise.

There is a lot more. It would take decades to understand. A vast number of women have their own little story. Women. Please comment or add your suggestion(s).

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