Glory of Women – Lives through Billionaires

Must read to the End!!!

The very minimal wealthy men. Philanthropy at its best. Share a common goal. Many may think business, money, and independence. That fueled and fired their beginnings. Their goals and visualization brought them a whole new insight. Yes, money was unlimited. So, were their dreams. The challenge was most people long for. No. Billionaires had an earthlier challenge. To help change the world and humanity. No one billionaire could not face this alone. Some have teamed up for a greater and faster tomorrow.
All billionaires have their own chain of failures. As we all do. They knew facing hardship was the way to success faster. Here is a small list of some of those Billionaires:

1. Ratan Tata
2. Bill Gates
3. Robert Bosch
4. Narayana Murthy
5. Mark Zuckerberg
6. Sir Richard Branson
7. Warren Buffet
8. Michael Bloomburg
9. Elon Musk
10. Mark Cuban

Why is it important to know these names? Their contributions they have founded and made humble to many nations. Billionaires visualization were fearless. Where the impossible were in fact possible. Their idealistic beliefs and “Just Do It” attitude. Sparked them each and every day. Every minute of the day. What they don’t tell much of is that if “Someone who survived failures has gained irreplaceable knowledge”. That impactful thinking drove them to Fall Forward, not fall back. They always had a “Plan A” sort of thinking. A “Plan B” would be giving up on Plan A and wasting the time already spent into it.

So where is this story going? If you haven’t gotten it yet. Hold your horses. The best is yet to come. To get an idea of some of their accomplishments. Technology to nations that lack. Space travel for all. Social Media Bandwidths, Health care, Energy resources, natural resources and Climate changes. These are the forefronts for a greater tomorrow and our children’s futures.

Final clue. Mother Teresa. Her endless days of caring. Her efforts were not because she was wealthy. Her wealth. Faith in herself. She had been endowed with the greatest gift. Treasured by those she cared for. Money, fame, business and other materialistic possessions were not needed.

In conclusion. Billionaires had a woman in their lives that made them, have a HEART. Men have always wanted to be better than or equal to a woman. That quest is long gone. Women have a greater population than men. Understanding what was mentioned above. Undertaking or misunderstanding is normal. But the fact remains the same. This Glory and giving thanks to those women that sacrifice their stressful days. To where some of those days were no time to cry and/or no time PERIOD.

Live, Love and be Humble. This world needs it.  To follow this and other stories.  See other postings.

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