Do I Really Know Me? Updated 2019

Do I Really Know Me Updated 2019. Thousands, if not millions ask themselves that question daily.  This question ranges through all ages.  Many are not happy with the way their lives are heading.  Some have monetary success.  But, still not happy.  Here are a few question commonly asked each and every day.

  • How will I find love?
  • When will I ever find a good job?
  • How and when will I ever lose weight?
  • Will love every find me?
  • If I ever will be successful in my career?
  • Will my business prosper?
  • Does my family accept me for who I am?
  • Will my illness or health condition every get better?

Amongst the questions above.  Each can be detailed into a better perspective.  Given its broad outline.  What lies within each person may differ as some are closely related.  In which makes us human.  So, what is the answer?  I’ll get to the answer. To get a better understanding where many have tried, applied, searched and spent tons of time in search for the answer.  The many popular avenues are.  Reading books, watching videos, asking family members, family religious leaders, doctors, psychologist, government agencies, mind readers, card reader and mediums.  But, the truth of the previously mention.  As those people can only take you so far.  Then the rest is up to you.

You maybe asking yourself.  What now?  The answer is easy and right in front of you.  The cost is FREE.  Let me explain.  From the day you were born.  We all were given a gift and the questions above meant nothing.  You grew, survived, grew, and survived.  That gift didn’t go anywhere.  As a baby.  Pain and happiness was treated equally.  The elements that surrounded us as time passed is where our innocence turned.  Logic, science, education, technology and social atmosphere replaced it all.

And now for the answer.  Drum Rolls please….  The answer is what your looking for can be labeled as many would say.  MIRROR-MIRROR.  Taking the time to really look at your life.  Getting real as the mirror doesn’t lie.  To practice this each and every day.  Amazing and life changing events will take place.  You will find that not much difference as when you were a baby versus present time.  Except your age.  When we fail to look within.  Then other sources mentioned above may lead the way.  If you were able to grant your own wish or dream?  What would it say?

As many cultures quotes respectively.  “If you don’t know where you came from.  How do you know where your going”. With that said.  Thousands don’t know their own full ethnic family tree.  Which makes it hard to prosper in life.

In conclusion.  MIRROR-MIRROR.  The answer to all your questions are within you.

Do I Really Know Me Updated 2019.

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