Welcome to ALOHA FRIENDLY. Firstly. We are a group of people that want to live life as neutral people. Promoting a neutral living. By not taking sides. There is a lot of pros and cons to thousands of subjects. Ranging from Social media, bullying, sports, weight issues, relationships, politics, race, religion, the atmosphere, earth, sun, water, and thousands more. In which society promotes what they believe is right.
On the other hand. Aloha Friendly remains neutral. Both sides of every subject have their strong points. They have every right to. Very little attention, if any is brought up about the person being caught in the middle. Forgetting those millions of people that endure such occasions.

Secondly, But, in order to have peace. Freedom to be neutral. A non-bias or judgmental view. To live freely and friendly.
Each and every day you will see or hear the crimes, wars, and hatred being promoted through news media, social networks, radio, and other sources.
As we all were brought into this world of innocence. Only to grow up to what society is now. Facing this troubled world can be harsh for millions of people. Yet, finding a place to be free. While trying to reward yourself from the stressful events that happen every day.

To finally take off your shoes and walk in the sand, breathe fresh air, soak in the sun, or stop to smell your favorite flower. Create your own list of pleasureful quests or bucket lists.
All though this may never solve all your troubles. But, it’s a start. No pressures, no stress, and no wars. Live freely and friendly. This is not an Anti-hate group. Everyone gets treated fairly. No one is greater than the other. It doesn’t matter how rich, poor, popular, executive position, educated, mental, or physically challenged you are. To live neutral. By not taking sides. Everyone gets heard and voiced. To live life in harmony.

So please join us in spreading the word on the true life that has gone unnoticed for decades or maybe even centuries.


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Once again. Welcome to Aloha Friendly. Your views and comments are important to us. Please leave comments below.


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