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Research suggests that banner advertisements used in online marketing are often overlooked, especially when positioned horizontally on web pages. Such inattention invariably gives rise to an inability to remember advertising brands and messages, undermining the effectiveness of this marketing method. Recent interest has focused on whether human faces within banner advertisements can increase attention to the information they contain since the gaze cues conveyed by faces can influence where observers look. We report an experiment that investigated the efficacy of faces located in banner advertisements to enhance the attentional processing and memorability of banner contents. We tracked participants’ eye movements when they examined webpages containing either bottom-right vertical banners or bottom-center horizontal banners. We also manipulated facial information such that banners either contained no face, a face with mutual gaze, or a face with averted gaze. We additionally assessed people’s memories for brands and advertising messages. Results indicated that relative to other conditions, the condition involving faces with averted gaze increased attention to the banner overall, as well as to the advertising text and product. Memorability of the brand and advertising message was also enhanced. Conversely, in the condition involving faces with mutual gaze, the focus of attention was localized more on the face region rather than on the text or product, weakening any memory benefits for the brand and advertising message. This detrimental impact of mutual gaze on attention to advertised products was especially marked for vertical banners. These results demonstrate that the inclusion of human faces with averted gaze in banner advertisements provides a promising means for marketers to increase the attention paid to such adverts, thereby enhancing memory for advertising information.  Source: Front. Psychol., 04 March 2014


Throughout the decades of advertising banner ads have taken the ranks of popularity.  Given the competition and businesses to keep their patrons within reach.  Every business wants a piece of the pie.  Where small businesses can fall to the big corporations.  Controlling this small expense can make a big impact on big corporations if done well.

Why aren’t banner ads as effective anymore?

Wrong?  Connecting with your patrons by any source has proven time and time again it works.  Rather than disappearing from view would be more destructive to any business.

On the other hand.  Banner ads have come a long way, beginning as a clever way to essentially ‘trick’ internet users into a click. Though they are now capable of delivering more data-driven insight, the banner ads strategy is arguably less effective than it once was. This is because even though banner ads have evolved, so have internet users. People’s ability to ignore even the most relevant and alarming internet ads has made them immune to the powers of this type of ad. Furthermore, ad-blocking tools have seen a surge in popularity.

In short.  The reality of it all is.  To be fair.  Only your business knows what works and what does not.  Through unbias research and commitment to give every advertising platform a fair shake.


Banner ads have been around for decades and will continue to do so.  Big corporations outsource these detailed assignments to help cut internal expense costs.   This is where finding the right outsource is perfect for your business.  Return back to the top of this page and view the works on their profile to fulfill the workload you will prepare.

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