Articles of inspriation


SOULLESS VOICE -Updated 2020.  I can hear everyone.  But, no one can hear me.  I walk amongst this world smiling each and every day.  A simple nod in a gesture of kindness. Witnessing the daily beauty of blossoming flowers, birds chirping, mother’s feeding their infants,  people walking their dogs, couples holding hands, and the fragrance …

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Dream Shopping – Everyone Does 2021

Dream Shopping – Everyone Does.  What does it mean? Dreams are basically stories and images our brain creates while we sleep. Dreams can be vivid. They can make you feel happy, sad, or scared. And they may seem confusing or perfectly rational. Dreams can occur anytime during sleep. But most vivid dreams occur during deep,…

Unknown Power of a Women – Updated 2021

A Real Women’s heart Power of a Women updated 05/2020.  Fast track – Firstly, it all starts as an innocent child. Growing up can be a tough challenge. Parents’ harsh daily work. Chores. Sibling(s) or even as an only child. The world was a free adventure. Until… school, parent’s rules grew, new and old friends, …

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