WIKIPEDIA: Hoʻoponopono (IPA [ho.ʔo.po.no.po.no]) is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. The Hawaiian word translates into English simply as correction, with the synonyms manage or supervise, and the antonym careless.[1][2] Similar forgiveness practices are performed on islands throughout the South Pacific, including HawaiiSamoaTahiti and New Zealand. Traditional Hoʻoponopono is practiced by Indigenous Hawaiian healers, often within the extended family by a family member. There is also a New Age practice that goes by the same name

In our current world undergoing immense tragedies, we may only find reconciliation through, first…forgiveness. Kumu Sabra Kauka, Hawai’ian Historian, Educator & Activist speaks about the Hawai’ian tradition of Ho’oponopono, a communication concept/tool/ceremony for restoring balance. Ho’oponopono is a wisdom teaching that has gained popularity amongst travelers of all backgrounds who come to Hawai’i, as it may be implemented by all to resolve conflict, heal heavy hearts, and perhaps even transform relationships that are undergoing challenges…on an interpersonal, community-wide, family or spiritual level. It is our prayer that we humans can share ho’oponopono to heal our wounds and restore balance to our people, so we can show up in full service to our planet in this time of great need for change.

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Other practitioners like Kumu Ramsey Taum.  Has made it his way of life for himself and those around.  Through many event gatherings.  The collection of ancestor’s teachings.  Introduced into the world of Hawaiian martial arts (LUA).  The release and protection of one’s inner self.  He was awarded the 2013 Peace day Hawai’i Peace Maker of the Year.  Through his wisdom and leadership and countless event speaking.  To be able to connect within yourself and others.

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How To Heal With Hawaiian Ho’oponopono – Dr Joe Vitale.  How to Master The Power Of Ho’oponopono And Be Certified.  It takes Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian self-healing practice a little step further. With it you can perform healing to yourself as well as other people around you; be it family, friends, or patients. Achieving this requires; cleaning your memory, clearing data from your subconscious, and connecting with God or the Divine in an inspiring way.  Unleash the power of self-forgiveness.  From the center of your being to the highest skies above.  Then stop and hear your heart beating…

Learn Ho’oponopono & live the life of no limitations.


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