Shopping and Traveling Ideas 2021


With recent events around the world and close to home.  Safety in our communities is a growing concern.  Keeping our emergency personnel on their toes.  The government has been scrambling around to find and organize resources at their very best.  While probing for future occurrences.

While at the same time.  Retailer sales and mall occupancy have declined.  Causing businesses to think out of the box.  These businesses have turned to online and other sources to regain their losses.  Having the best technology or top of the line equipment doesn’t always fit.  Shopping online creates a much safer outcome.

Head on over to our “Guide to Mall Merchants“.  With over 80 shops to chose from.  Check out their daily deals and more.


For those that love to travel.  Many bucket lists have been created and completed.  Travel extremist, luxury, vacation, personal time away, romantic getaways, family, or just about anything.  Planned or not.  Have a destination in mind.  Make it a trip you always wanted or needed.  Why wait?  Live once.  Play all the time.  Just do it.

As heard from thousands of Seniors that wish they could have done it when they had the chance.  Not just because of age, income, life circumstances, and health.  Regrets are the only thing that clings onto their memories.  So, be sure that we learn from those who came before us.  Not to take for granted that we will live forever.  Take it or regret it.  Here are some ideas:


Enjoy while you can.Guide to Mall Merchants“.

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