Top Ten Nightmares about Traveling-Updated 2021

Top Ten Nightmares about Traveling

Part 1

 Dirty toilets or the lack of Having to search for one can be daunting.

Children working: Very sad as parents try their best to raise the children and see their kids exhausted as they are.

Bugs: This experience no matter where you go. Can and will leave an impression.

Pollution: Many countries have this. Getting educated about where these spots are will make your trip more pleasant

 Getting sick: Not an experience one wants to endure. Taking the right precautions can help eliminate this.

Part 2

Unpleasant or rude business agents: These agents can tarnish any future plans.

Lost luggage: Personal/business can be costly and time-consuming to recover.

Annoying or stinky passengers: This is one that is hard to avoid or make better of this situation.

Nearby violence or abuse: Not a sight to see. Closed eyes and ears can’t stop it.

Lack of proper or reasonable communication with businesses or agents: Being taken, ripped off, and lost are just the beginning of being told later.

Other events occurring about traveling:  Based on true events.

Being stranded at the airport-Hundreds of people found themselves spending Christmas Day at the Roissy-en-France airport outside Paris. After snow and ice delayed some 400 flights in 2010. Travelers were understandably angry, but airport authorities tried to make the best of the situation by providing the stranded passengers with comfort and necessities.

QUARANTINED ON A CHRISTMAS CRUISE.   2012 Christmas holiday, about 5% of the people on a 10-day Caribbean cruise aboard the luxury ship Emerald Princess contracted what was suspected to be norovirus. This highly contagious bug causes stomach pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. In total, 166 passengers and 30 crew displayed symptoms of the virus.  The holiday nightmare even worse, sick passengers were  ordered to stay in their rooms or else face the “consequences.”

After Christmas in 2016. A small plane carrying four people over central Alberta, Canada, had engine trouble. As it approached the airport.  The pilot considered landing on the highway but decided against it because there was too much traffic. He instead opted for an emergency landing. Gliding toward the nearby runway, but landed short, narrowly missing a power pole and a berm. “It was a Christmas miracle. Because the plane had basically run out of power,” a local official told the CBC. “God knows what would have happened if they had hit all those things.”

Please be safe.  By taking the needed precautions.  This year 2020 has taken its toll Globally with the Coronaviruses.

Top Ten Nightmares about Traveling

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