SOULLESS VOICE -Updated 2019

SOULLESS VOICE -Updated 2019.  I can hear everyone.  But, no one can hear me.  I walk amongst this world smiling each and everyday.  A simple nod in gesture of kindness. Witnessing the daily beauty of blossoming flowers, birds chirping, mother’s feeding their infants,  people walking their dogs, couples holding hands and the fragrance that drift in the wind.  All for just one voice.  Where does this all take us.

Try to remember your innocent younger days.  Giving a loved one a flower, birds chirping-thinking you could talk to them, you were the one being fed, parents holding your hands for safety and grandma’s perfume.  Ring a bell.  Everyone listened to you on how cute every little spoken was amazing.  Somehow refreshing.  Although, some memories fade.  You were the one of that special toned voice.

Taking for granted of one’s creativity and imagination.  Visualizing with action get’s our voices heard.  Sounds easy.  But, for many it’s not.  This  is a challenge.  Some are tormented with every word spoken.  With many to stay out of public view, hide in the corner or just mingle along without speaking.  All to often.  These people go unrecognized, spoken to, not asked for opinion and so on.  Melts their inner soul.  Quietly reaching out.  How to identify these awesome people or to acknowledge you are one of them.  Just to let you know.  You are not alone.

There is help out there.  So, to cut through all the chatter, cost and save time.  Now, to ask a person what’s it’s all about.  To share and love.  With that.  Carry a heart that has been gifted to you.  Build that army around you.   Start a spark that flares into a roaring blaze.  Unspoken no more.  Bringing life to that one soul. One voice.  One day at a time.

So, what is Soulless Voice.  Soulless Voice is the modern day of texting or sending messages without physically speaking to someone.

SOULLESS VOICE -Updated 2019

Do I Really Know Me? Updated 2019

Do I Really Know Me Updated 2019. Thousands, if not millions ask themselves that question daily.  This question ranges through all ages.  Many are not happy with the way their lives are heading.  Some have monetary success.  But, still not happy.  Here are a few question commonly asked each and every day.

  • How will I find love?
  • When will I ever find a good job?
  • How and when will I ever lose weight?
  • Will love every find me?
  • If I ever will be successful in my career?
  • Will my business prosper?
  • Does my family accept me for who I am?
  • Will my illness or health condition every get better?

Amongst the questions above.  Each can be detailed into a better perspective.  Given its broad outline.  What lies within each person may differ as some are closely related.  In which makes us human.  So, what is the answer?  I’ll get to the answer. To get a better understanding where many have tried, applied, searched and spent tons of time in search for the answer.  The many popular avenues are.  Reading books, watching videos, asking family members, family religious leaders, doctors, psychologist, government agencies, mind readers, card reader and mediums.  But, the truth of the previously mention.  As those people can only take you so far.  Then the rest is up to you.

You maybe asking yourself.  What now?  The answer is easy and right in front of you.  The cost is FREE.  Let me explain.  From the day you were born.  We all were given a gift and the questions above meant nothing.  You grew, survived, grew, and survived.  That gift didn’t go anywhere.  As a baby.  Pain and happiness was treated equally.  The elements that surrounded us as time passed is where our innocence turned.  Logic, science, education, technology and social atmosphere replaced it all.

And now for the answer.  Drum Rolls please….  The answer is what your looking for can be labeled as many would say.  MIRROR-MIRROR.  Taking the time to really look at your life.  Getting real as the mirror doesn’t lie.  To practice this each and every day.  Amazing and life changing events will take place.  You will find that not much difference as when you were a baby versus present time.  Except your age.  When we fail to look within.  Then other sources mentioned above may lead the way.  If you were able to grant your own wish or dream?  What would it say?

As many cultures quotes respectively.  “If you don’t know where you came from.  How do you know where your going”. With that said.  Thousands don’t know their own full ethnic family tree.  Which makes it hard to prosper in life.

In conclusion.  MIRROR-MIRROR.  The answer to all your questions are within you.

Do I Really Know Me Updated 2019.

Dream Shopping – Everyone Does

Dream Shopping – Everyone Does.  What does it mean? Dreams are basically stories and images our brain creates while we sleep. Dreams can be vivid. They can make you feel happy, sad, or scared. And they may seem confusing or perfectly rational.

Dreams can occur anytime during sleep. But most vivid dreams occur during deep, REM (rapid eye movement) sleep when the brain is most active. Some experts say we dream at least four to six times per night. Studies have shown the importance of dreams to our health and well-being. In one study, researchers woke subjects just as they were drifting off into REM sleep

Dream Ideas

Dream About Different Things that You Are Shopping For. Popular items are:
Clothing, shoes, house (hotel, apartment), toys, cars, vacation travel, dating partner, electronics and flying. Some may not believe that some dreams can be controlled.
The most interesting questions surveyed. How do some dreams come true when awaken? Coincidence, superpowers, an act of God or ESP. When dreams come to life. How does it affect the person? Intriguing and unexplainable. Science and technology are getting close to the examination and bring closer in many areas.

Dream shopping has taken many forms that are noticeable by others. Staring, lost of focus, wandering off, speaking out of context, lack of coordination, longing for, etc. These conditions are all normal.

So, the real question is. How does a person’s interpretation get answered? There is no real answer. Many professionals, agencies, religious groups and a vast of different cultures have various explanations. The most common denominator is. You control your own destiny and dreams. By some coincidence that dream comes to life. Somehow you knew it would. So, were you really dreaming or your subconscious mind working it magic?

Create your own magic. Live each day within your dream. So, if you love to shop. Enjoy it while you can.

Dream Shopping - Everyone Does
Dream Shopping – Everyone Does

Top CEO Women – Updated 07/2019

Top CEO Women – Updated 07/2019

Top CEO Women – Updated 07/2019.  The following list of women have held their own against their male counter parts of many industries. Still holding above twenty percent. At no surprise their come back and regain momentum is starting to show. Their undying efforts and exceling the standards for all CEO’s. In some occasions. Raising the bar for the next and upcoming generations. Inspiring and educating those around them. Their footprints have both men and women excited about the future.

1. Safra A. Catz CEO, Oracle (ORCL)
2. Mary Barra CEO, General Motors (GM)
3. Indra Nooji, CEO, Pepsi Co. (PEP)
4. Marillyn Hewson CEO, Lockheed Martin (LMT)
5. Virginia Rometty CEO, International Business Machines (IBM)
6. Irene Rosenfeld CEO, Kraft Foods (KFT)
7. Carol M. Meyrowitz, President and CEO of The TJX Companies
8. Ellen Kullman Chairman and CEO of E.I. du Pont de Nemours (DD)
9. Lynn L. Elsenhans Chairman, CEO, and President of Sunoco (SUN)
10. Beth E. Mooney Chairman and CEO of KeyCorp (KEY)


Of the CEOs who lead the companies that make up the 2018 Fortune 500 list, out today, just 24 are women. That number is down 25 percent from last year’s record-breaking 32 female CEOs, the highest share of women since the Fortune’s first 500 list in 1955.
Leaders like these 10 ladies have done their best to pave the way for women in business. Whether or not you agree with their business practices, we can all agree that they have come a long way, and their journey is inspiring. Set your goals high, follow business advice from those who have found success, and you could become the next woman to end up in a top corporate seat.

They all have a personal side of them that touches each and every person they come in contact with. If not reading book or viewing media about them. Some are mother’s, sister’s, grandmother, etc. They live amongst us as normal individuals. Success in business is not their only reason. Success with daily family conditions. Although, many struggles come with the CEO position. Positioning themselves with the fact. They can’t do it without the help of others.

Do think women will continue to increase their presence as CEOs of major corporations? Why do you think it has taken so long for women to be hired to lead companies?

Top CEO Women – Updated 07/2019

Unknown Power of a Women-Updated 8/2019

A Real Women’s heart

Power of a Women updated 8/2019.  Fast track – Firstly, it all starts as an innocent child. Growing up can be a tough challenge. Parents harsh daily work. Chores. Sibling(s) or even as an only child. The world was a free adventure. Until… school, parents rules grew, new and old friends, music, play time reduced, etc. Dreaming of what to be when age grows also. Time passes. High school, next graduation.

Secondly, where did those innocent and adventure free days go? Longing for those days has never left from within. But, rest assure. To re-establish and achieve will come again. In time. Moment of truth sets in. Adult now. Where to begin. Now the future is what she makes of it. Although career, money and social standings can play a major role in her decisions. Other aspects of life get first priorities. Her health, beauty, home, child(ren) and relationship. All require tough decisions to make.

Health –  Challenges with weight, perfect fit, summer time body, medications, and STRESS. Each holds a major impact. But, will try not let it be noticeable. Acknowledged by others, rarely

Beauty – This is one of the most important features the way they look at themselves. Can play and change the direction of future endeavors. Decisions at any point can lead to destruction or success. This quest can take years to establish. Learning what works and what doesn’t. In other words, to better explain what the features are. It is EVERYTHING from head to toe.

Home – Home is a place she must find to secure how her daily life plays out. Without this. She will continue to explore for that right place. Planning and executing started in her early years as a child. Memories that still hold hidden.

Child(ren) – Women find it normal. Likewise, as some see other women with a child or children. She also longs for a soft, cute and cuddly child. A woman feels whole. One of her own. She held and felt every movement within her. That very first cry at birth. Brings tears to the eyes. At the other end of the spectrum. Some women don’t or can’t have that privilege for some unforeseen reasons. Adopting have eased some of that pressure. While, some vowed to never have children.

Relationship – The importance of this can secure her place in this world. Even as the challenges it presents. Growth and reasoning of this partnership holds dearly within. Her future depends on every decision she makes. Rather, a small or major decision. Mostly goes unnoticed and unappreciated. Rarely applauded or given a sincere and pure Thanks. Failure is not an option.
 As,  we come to a close. Unlocking her inner strength and knowing she is not alone in this troubling world. A woman’s world is extremely more than we all know. But, in the end. Above all, she can proudly say.  She did it!!!

Unknown Power of a Women

So, here are a few hints of a Women’s Perfect Day:

Stress free Day
Romance or Romantic outing
 Shopping for wardrobe (clothing, shoes, etc.)
Enjoying favorite beverage
Traveling to the most relaxing destination
 Hair styling
 Make over
 Resting or sleeping in

Unknown Power of a Women