Coolest and Hottest Online Mall For All 2020

Our mission is to assist consumers in the shopping experience. By associating with highly respectable companies. Those who value their clients as we do. Also, giving you the best deals available. In today’s society, trust and loyalty are considered one of the highest consumer expectations.  Not pricing and quality products.  Customer satisfaction is the utmost responsibility of every business.

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For those that love to shop and where time is an essence. We bring the MALL to you. Just imagine you are just less than 3 clicks away to reach your destination. Yes, it’s that easy. How easy is it? View the Guide to Mall Merchants. Once there, all have links directly to your desired merchant(s) website. With over 80 merchants to choose from. With more to come. So, stay tuned as more is coming your way. Many merchants have exciting deals you don’t want to miss.

As we all know. Not everyone has time or patience to take the time walking and strolling around a mall. Some are on a budget, others can be so lucky. Some have physical challenges. Some have children to tend to. Some have had bad experiences at a mall. PARKING. Some shoppers just have their reason or reasons for not going to a mall.


Shop at your own convenience

Dress in a manner of your own taste

No pressure sales agents

Don’t need a ride

Restrooms are nearby and clean

The weather is always right

Be at peace while shopping

Best of Both worlds:

Some merchants offer online shipping with pickup at a store or closest location available.

Those that do love to shop at the Mall. Please enjoy yourself. This is for those shoppers for whatever reason they just need to save TIME. You can go anywhere and be anywhere and with whom you ever want. You can take as long as you want to shop. No OPEN or CLOSING hours.

Coolest and Hottest Online Mall for All

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Top 10 reasons why people shop online

Main Topics

 No standing in LINE.

No personal information is asked for.

 Discounts are always visible.

 Pressure signing up for sales programs/cards not insisted.

 Browsing freely

 No rude sales agents/employee

 Email information  not required

 Zipcode survey not required

 Phone numbers not needed


Other incentives:

  1. Every gallon of gas used in cars. Help save lives on earth for futures generations. Mile by each mile.  Breathing fresh air.  Reduces pollutions.
  2. For the most part, consumers who shop online versus brick-and-mortar stores do so. Because, it’s where they expect to find the lowest prices, right?
  3. Most shoppers do not cite “lower prices” as their primary motivation for shopping the web. According to a new survey of over 1,000 consumers by Simon-Kucher & Partners.
    In turn, retailers that make winning the low-price war the centerpiece of their competitive strategy. Therefore, this coming holiday season and in general will regret that tack long term, the firm concludes.
  4. While it might sound unglamorous, retailers that invest in infrastructure will reap long-term customer loyalty, said Susan Lee, a partner who runs Simon-Kucher’s.
  5.  Recent moves by the nation’s biggest brick-and-mortar retailer and the largest online retailer.  Respectively, for guidance on one secret to satisfying online shoppers.
  6. Wal-Mart is building two new fulfillment centers to boost the speed of delivery.  While Amazon is increasing its seasonal staff by 70,000 employees, according to a Simon-Kucher press release.
  7. “Wal-Mart’s competitive issue with big online retailers isn’t pricing. It’s a fulfillment and service battle,” Lee said in the release.
    The big lesson: It’s a big no-no for retailers “to use pricing to correct a weakness in another area.  Like product selection or speed of delivery,” she said. “You should fix the problem.” That’s not to say that price doesn’t matter to shoppers – but its importance varies by product category:

Other Topics

• Shoppers surveyed. (24 cited “lower prices” as the primary motivating factor to purchase “vanguard” products — books, consumer electronics, and entertainment – the study revealed.

•“Lower prices” was the main reason.  That brought “new frontier” items such as health and beauty products, toys/sports/hobby related merchandise, as well as clothing and furniture.

•However, when it came to buying food and beverages, shoppers surveyed ranked “better selection”. As the leading impetus driving their purchase, the survey said.

•And “free shipping” was the leading motivation among shoppers(16%) buying commodity products like cleaning and paper products.

 “The vast majority of buyers in all segments did not cite lower prices as their main motivation,” by the press.
Lee elaborates on the findings in her new eBook, “It’s Time For E-Commerce To Grow Up.”

Source:  Forbes

Guide to On-line Mall Merchants 2020

Check out what goes on every day. Many store events are going on right NOW. Deals and unbelievable bargains throughout each retailer. The holidays and events are approaching. So, time may be running out. New and exclusive items may be limited. Therefore, as a result, limited supplies may apply. However, get yours NOW. Before, it’s all gone. After that, you will be happy you shopped. In conclusion. Thank you for stopping by.

What’s Trending Now:

Business phone texting.  Over 74%  of people today use their phones for just about anything.  Real easy to use.  View the video to get a glimpse of more information.  If you have any comments, concerns, or questions.  Feel free to text your message.

There is no pressure to purchase anything!!!  No automated emails/text blasting.  87% of people ignore or tired of the blast they receive each day. Then they delete those blast or put them into the SPAM category.  No opting in, no membership required, and no sales pitches.  Yes, there are benefits to automation.  But, not everyone wants or needs it.

  What we do is purely simple. A little Old Fashion way you may say. Person to person conversations.  If you are satisfied with what you hear.  Conversation continues. If you are not satisfied with what you hear. Conversation ends.  Satisfying the needs of the customer is highly important. 


In case you missed the phone number to text.  1(317)647-5286.  Don’t hesitate.  You’ll be glad you did.

Shopping online just got even better.  Listen to music while shopping.  Sounds unusual.  Here is how it works.  Easy to use.

  1. Open a duplicate tab from your browser.
  2.  Select from the playlist your desired preference.
  3. Click on the link.
  4. Select a song or play the whole playlist
  5. Turn up your volume if need be.
  6. Return to the previous tab browser.
  7.  Continue shopping while music is playing.

Usage of devices may differ

Click below to the desired music playlistHere is your list of awesome music:

Guide to On-line Mall Merchants 2020

Do you need some time to shop and keep your children at bay? Here is a little help. Some “Best of U.K. cartoon” videos. Click here.


  • Next to each number is a merchant
  • View each number with merchant
  • Each merchant is a highlighted color.
  • Click on to the desired Merchant for instant access.
  • You will be sent to the merchants website.
  • Browse, then start shopping.
  • Always double check your purchases.
  • Quick note –  This website is one of kind.  Merchants are continuously screened.  So we can give you the best experience of shopping.  Shopping online never got better.

Retailers List:


Guide to On-line Mall Merchants

Top Ten Things to do on Vacation 2020

Top Ten Things to do on Vacation

Golfing at the most prestigious courses from around the world.
Getting clean fresh air and soothing breezes.
Taking a cruise- Watching the sun go down.
Walking along a beach after an amazing lunch or dinner.
Rafting the waters that send butterflies within you
Swimming in the crystal clear blue ocean
Escaping to your favorite camping spots
Reading or listening to books from your favorite author(s)
Hiking the most adventurous and breath-taking trails
Dancing the night away

Fascinating- Top vacation places to visit 2020/2021

For booking arrangements:


As an added touch:

  • Attending sporting events of your favorite team(s)
  • Heading out to Casinos with family and/or friends
  • Theme parks- Disneyland, Seaworld, and Universal Studios

As an extra bonus:

Last but not least———SLEEP

  • Goodnight

Tips on Planning your vacation.

  • Make a list of the top 5 places you want to travel. If there are other people traveling with you, have them do the same thing.
  • Decide why you want to travel. If you know why you want to leave home, choosing a destination will be easier. Determining whether your goal is to relax and unwind, have new adventures, see famous or ancient sights, or provide your children with lifelong memories will determine what kind of destination you should choose
  • Discuss possible destinations with your fellow travelers. Instead of making this a chore, have it be a fun activity. Over the course of a few days, weeks or other long-duration you wish (e.g. 1-3 months), spend some time talking about each place and why it would make a good destination
  • Consider everyone who will be traveling with you. If you are traveling with children, someone elderly, or someone with a disability, you may want to consider the destination that would be accessible.
  • Research destination costs. While you may take more time after choosing a destination to find great deals on travel and hotel arrangements, doing a quick online search of approximate costs to travel to each destination may help you narrow your choices based on your budget.

These are just the tip of the iceberg guide. Other considerations may be needed as each vacation requirement defer individually.

Top Ten Nightmares about Traveling-Updated 2020

Top Ten Nightmares about Traveling

Part 1

 Dirty toilets or the lack of Having to search for one can be daunting.

Children working: Very sad as parents try their best to raise the children and see their kids exhausted as they are.

Bugs: This experience no matter where you go. Can and will leave an impression.

Pollution: Many countries have this. Getting educated about where these spots are will make your trip more pleasant

 Getting sick: Not an experience one wants to endure. Taking the right precautions can help eliminate this.

Part 2

Unpleasant or rude business agents: These agents can tarnish any future plans.

Lost luggage: Personal/business can be costly and time-consuming to recover.

Annoying or stinky passengers: This is one that is hard to avoid or make better of this situation.

Nearby violence or abuse: Not a sight to see. Closed eyes and ears can’t stop it.

Lack of proper or reasonable communication with businesses or agents: Being taken, ripped off, and lost are just the beginning of being told later.

Other events occurring about traveling:  Based on true events.

Being stranded at the airport-Hundreds of people found themselves spending Christmas Day at the Roissy-en-France airport outside Paris. After snow and ice delayed some 400 flights in 2010. Travelers were understandably angry, but airport authorities tried to make the best of the situation by providing the stranded passengers with comfort and necessities.

QUARANTINED ON A CHRISTMAS CRUISE.   2012 Christmas holiday, about 5% of the people on a 10-day Caribbean cruise aboard the luxury ship Emerald Princess contracted what was suspected to be norovirus. This highly contagious bug causes stomach pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. In total, 166 passengers and 30 crew displayed symptoms of the virus.  The holiday nightmare even worse, sick passengers were  ordered to stay in their rooms or else face the “consequences.”

After Christmas in 2016. A small plane carrying four people over central Alberta, Canada, had engine trouble. As it approached the airport.  The pilot considered landing on the highway but decided against it because there was too much traffic. He instead opted for an emergency landing. Gliding toward the nearby runway, but landed short, narrowly missing a power pole and a berm. “It was a Christmas miracle. Because the plane had basically run out of power,” a local official told the CBC. “God knows what would have happened if they had hit all those things.”

Please be safe.  By taking the needed precautions.  This year 2020 has taken its toll Globally with the Coronaviruses.

Top Ten Nightmares about Traveling

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