SOULLESS VOICE -Updated 2020.  I can hear everyone.  But, no one can hear me.  I walk amongst this world smiling each and every day.  A simple nod in a gesture of kindness. Witnessing the daily beauty of blossoming flowers, birds chirping, mother’s feeding their infants,  people walking their dogs, couples holding hands, and the fragrance that drifts in the wind.  All for just one voice.  Where does this all take us?

Try to remember your innocent younger days.  Giving a loved one a flower, birds chirping-thinking you could talk to them, you were the one being fed, parents holding your hands for safety and grandma’s perfume.  Ring a bell.  Everyone listened to you on how cute every little spoken was amazing.  Somehow refreshing.  Although, some memories fade.  You were the one of that special toned voice.

Taking for granted one’s creativity and imagination.  Visualizing with action get’s our voices heard.  Sounds easy.  But, for many, it’s not.  This is a challenge.  Some are tormented with every word spoken.  With many to stay out of public view, hide in the corner or just mingle along without speaking.  All too often.  These people go unrecognized, spoken to, not asked for an opinion, and so on.  Melts their inner soul.  Quietly reaching out.  How to identify these awesome people or to acknowledge you are one of them.  Just to let you know.  You are not alone.

There is help out there.  So, to cut through all the chatter, cost, and save time.  Now, to ask a person what’s it’s all about.  To share and love.  With that.  Carry a heart that has been gifted to you.  Build that army around you.   Start a spark that flares into a roaring blaze.  Unspoken no more.  Bringing life to that one soul. One voice.  One day at a time.

So, what is Soulless Voice?  Soulless Voice is the modern-day of texting or sending messages without physically speaking to someone.

SOULLESS VOICE – Updated 2021


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