Unknown Power of a Woman – Through the eyes of her life

A Real Women’s heart

Fast track – As it all starts as an innocent child. Growing up can be a tough challenge. Parents harsh daily work. Chores. Sibling(s) or even as an only child. The world was a free adventure. Until… school, parents rules grew, new and old friends, music, play time reduced, etc. Dreaming of what to be when age grows also. Time passes. High school, next graduation. Where did those innocent and adventure free days go? Longing for those days has never left from within. But rest assure. To re-establish and achieve will come again. In time. Moment of truth sets in. Adult now. Where to begin. Now the future is what she makes of it. Although career, money and social standings can play a major role in her decisions. Other aspects of life get first priorities. Her health, beauty, home, child(ren) and relationship. All require tuff decisions to make.

Health – Some have challenges with weight, perfect fit, summer time body, medications, and STRESS. Each holds a major impact. But, will try not let it be noticeable. Acknowledged by others, rarely

Beauty – This is one of the most important features the way they look at themselves. Can play and change the direction of future endeavors. Decisions at any point can lead to destruction or success. This quest can take years to establish. Learning what works and what doesn’t. To better explain what the features are. It is EVERYTHING from head to toe.

Home – Home is a place she must find to secure how her daily life plays out. Without this. She will continue to explore for that right place. Planning and executing started in her early years as a child. Memories that still hold hidden.

Child(ren) Some women find it normal. As some see other women with a child or children. She also longs for a soft, cute and cuddly child. A woman feels whole. One of her own. She held and felt every movement within her. That very first cry at birth. Brings tears to the eyes. At the other end of the spectrum. Some women don’t or can’t have that privilege for some unforeseen reasons. Adopting have eased some of that pressure. While, some vowed to never have children.

Relationship – The importance of this can secure her place in this world. Even as the challenges it presents. Growth and reasoning of this partnership holds dearly within. Her future depends on every decision she makes. Rather, a small or major decision. Mostly goes unnoticed and unappreciated. Rarely applauded or given a sincere and pure Thanks. Failure is not an option.
As we come to a close. Unlocking her inner strength and knowing she is not alone in this troubling world. A woman’s world is extremely more than we all know.  In the end.  She can proudly say.  She did it!!!

Here are a few hints of a Women’s Perfect Day. Some may differ.

• Stress free Day
• Romance or Romantic outing
• Shopping for wardrobe (clothing, shoes, etc.)
• Enjoying favorite beverage
• Traveling to the most relaxing destination
• Hair styling
• Make over
• Resting or sleeping in