The life that refreshes daily. In the midst of all life’s turmoils. Making the right decision can lead to devastation. The lifelong coaches, mentors, and teachers can only lead you as they see your capabilities. Unbeknownst, the truth is hidden within your mind. Through life’s experiences, challenges, and struggles of heartache.

Letting go and forgiving yourself of the broken promises, lies, and torture that everyone has done. No amount has or will ever be forgotten by the wrongful doer. No one has ever been granted immunity from it either. Let’s not forget those of whom it was done to. We all were born into innocence. What happens thereafter. Becomes one’s success or failure. But, in order to succeed. One must learn to deal with failure. In which they both go hand in hand. So, is success really about failure or vice versa? The answer. They both live in harmony from the beginning of time.

Many questions arise daily. Some may be so simple. For others, that same question can be taunting. While some days are for celebrating. But, at the same time crying from within with mixed emotions of reality. Be caught in the middle of it all and not knowing which way to turn. As each article of life has its own strengths and weaknesses.

As we try to create a path that does not have any twists and turns or a fork in the road. It is really unrealistic. To accept these undesired events. Though maybe too troubling to even wake up each day. Full knowing what lays ahead. Life must go on.

Let life begin by freeing your mind, body, and soul. For those who have the answers for everything. Try and think again. No one is perfect. But, in that imperfection. Doors open with eyes closed. Hear the whispers in the trees. To smell the essence of flowers nearby. Taste the crisp wind. Fell the earthly dirt between your toes. As the seas are bound to crash on the shores. So, is the air within us.

In conclusion. Everyone also has a precious gift. Rather they lead an unpleasing life or the gift of giving. If both were standing side by side without knowing who that person is. Without saying a word. At first glance. Both would be treated equally.

Finally, the time has come. To share a special gift. A single most favorite flower to all those above the clouds and to those walk this earth. What is your special gift?

The Untamed Heart………..

Best Holiday Gift Ideas 2020

Best Holiday Gift Ideas.  First, every year many people either plan or wait till the last minute to shop.  Though, people find that shopping early makes the holiday season less stressful.  Finding where to shop, what bargains are available, and how fast the item can be delivered.  Saving time, money, and convenience are the top reasons why people shop online.

Popular and Trending:  Gift baskets

Chocolate lovers Gifts
Exciting and yummy
Gift Towers
Favorites and Specialties’

Secondly, not only you can find your items at multiple retailers.  Finding the communities trusted merchants can also be a challenge.  While searching the internet for numerous websites and spending countless hours.

More importantly, it puts you in control.  The exciting part of all this is.  The Retailers have links that give you quick and easy access to their website.  Therefore, you now have more freedom with your time and money.

Other Thoughts:

To speed up or add excitement to their daily achievements. Some are building a favorites list or their own online kiosk using these links.  Just to keep in mind if doing so.  Retailers every so often updates information or links.   Be sure to check back here or “Guide to On-line Mall Merchants”.

In Conclusion:

Finally, the moments have come to have fun and enjoy shopping.

Shopping List ideas below:

Ear Pods (Best Buy, Walmart, Macy’s)
Bose – Soundlink Color Bluetooth speakers (Best Buy, Walmart, Macy’s)
Game stations –(Best Buy, Walmart, Macy’s)
TV’s (Best Buy, Walmart)
LED light-up shoelaces  (Walmart,)
Pink Bunny headphone (Walmart,)
Watches (Walmart, Watchshop)
Gift baskets (Walmart, Macy’s, Gourmet Gift baskets)
Jewelry ( Gabriel & Co., Beverly Diamonds, Swarvoski, Walmart, Macy’s)
Shoes (Walmart, Macy’s, Stacy Adams)
Travel – Trips (Alaska Mileage, British Airways Avios, Cheap Flights, Crystal Travel, Intrepid Travel, Qatar Airways, Reservations.com, TripAdvisor, Southwest Rapid Rewards, United Vacations or United Mileage Plus)
Gift cards (Best Buy, Walmart, Macy’s)

***Some products may be subject to availability***

Finally, searching for other ideas or suggestions.  Please continue

Behind each door are an extravaganza of deals.


Guide to On-line Mall Merchants 2020

Check out what goes on every day. Many store events are going on right NOW. Deals and unbelievable bargains throughout each retailer. The holidays and events are approaching. So, time may be running out. New and exclusive items may be limited. Therefore, as a result, limited supplies may apply. However, get yours NOW. Before, it’s all gone. After that, you will be happy you shopped. In conclusion. Thank you for stopping by.

What’s Trending Now:

Business phone texting.  Over 74%  of people today use their phones for just about anything.  Real easy to use.  View the video to get a glimpse of more information.  If you have any comments, concerns, or questions.  Feel free to text your message.

There is no pressure to purchase anything!!!  No automated emails/text blasting.  87% of people ignore or tired of the blast they receive each day. Then they delete those blast or put them into the SPAM category.  No opting in, no membership required, and no sales pitches.  Yes, there are benefits to automation.  But, not everyone wants or needs it.

  What we do is purely simple. A little Old Fashion way you may say. Person to person conversations.  If you are satisfied with what you hear.  Conversation continues. If you are not satisfied with what you hear. Conversation ends.  Satisfying the needs of the customer is highly important. 


In case you missed the phone number to text.  1(317)647-5286.  Don’t hesitate.  You’ll be glad you did.

Shopping online just got even better.  Listen to music while shopping.  Sounds unusual.  Here is how it works.  Easy to use.

  1. Open a duplicate tab from your browser.
  2.  Select from the playlist your desired preference.
  3. Click on the link.
  4. Select a song or play the whole playlist
  5. Turn up your volume if need be.
  6. Return to the previous tab browser.
  7.  Continue shopping while music is playing.

Usage of devices may differ

Click below to the desired music playlistHere is your list of awesome music:

Guide to On-line Mall Merchants 2020

Do you need some time to shop and keep your children at bay? Here is a little help. Some “Best of U.K. cartoon” videos. Click here.


  • Next to each number is a merchant
  • View each number with merchant
  • Each merchant is a highlighted color.
  • Click on to the desired Merchant for instant access.
  • You will be sent to the merchants website.
  • Browse, then start shopping.
  • Always double check your purchases.
  • Quick note –  This website is one of kind.  Merchants are continuously screened.  So we can give you the best experience of shopping.  Shopping online never got better.

Retailers List:


Guide to On-line Mall Merchants

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