The 1% Women – Is Real….Part 2

This is not fiction. 100% Fact. Not a myth or legend. They live and walk amongst us all. The unknown fact of these women. They mostly don’t know it for themselves. They appear as a normal human being. Within that 1%. Only a fraction of them have gone public. Hidden in a form of a shadowed angel. To live and die no different than the rest of humanity. At first look. Unrecognizable. What makes them so special. Their gifts to the world. Their duties are simple. Share their gift. What talents do they have? Each holds its own footprint for all living things. How do you recognize them?

Hints –
1. They are not the Rich and Famous
2. They are not Religious or Spiritual Leaders
3. They are not Government officials
4. They are not State or Country leaders
5. Not a Superhero

Advanced Hints –
1. She is an animal whisperer
2. Mother nature’s twin
3. Able to talk and listen with the wind
4. The above first 5 take heed to her knowledge.
5. Cried many rivers.

To recognize them. First step, let it all go. Which means. Clear your mind and empty the worldly disasters held within. Once all clear. Look around as you start to put together the hints. Clues could come from your parents, siblings, neighbors or people from all ends of the earth. If you are unable to get this far. Stop now. Go no further. Come back and start all over. Try again. Keep trying. Because, in the end. What you find out. Will be so immensely powerful.

What or whom can be so powerful? It’s not the what or the whom. It’s the changes that take place in their presents. So, unbelievable. You will also cry many rivers. Your heart will forever change. Your soul will take on a new beginning.

What does it take to find the one or become one? These women have been through hell and back. Angels have shined their wings. Well, enough with their capabilities. Some may say this story is misleading, distasteful or non-substantial. Thank you for your time. Because, the truth is. There is no perfect human being. True. But, that 1% have been found. And if you are one of those lucky few that found one. You know who they are. So, the rest of the 99% are still looking and wondering. Be grateful and graceful.

What is it like to find the one? Each holds a special gift. Where the sun still shines on a stormy day. Stars glitter the skies sketched in your name. Birds flock in a shape of your love. The wind-blown trees whisper your favorite lullaby. The fruit of love…. Returns.

In conclusion. Believe, faith and love will find YOU. With your heart in her hands.


Ladies, Ladies, Ladies. This article was inspired and designed by women. Based on true events from women around the world. To fulfill a women’s needs is the greatest accomplishment one can absorb. Besides the thousands of factors a women can endure. Here is just a brief acknowledgement for those who “Work hard for the Money”. With or without a career. Other factors females deal with are: Stress at work, taking care of their child(ren), daily chores, shopping for household necessities, time constraints, deadlines, social and cultural differences. Not to mention.  The health and physical endurance challenges. The list is endless.

Although studies and focused areas may differ. The basics are averagely the same. Behind every concepts of a females life are mostly met with struggles that the very few gets acknowledged or even admired. But, only understood by a fellow female.
Let’s face it. Women deserve more. If any of the above could even touch or spark any memories. May not even come close to the daily events that take place each and every day. Though the world may not applaud or appreciate any women’s desires for a better life.  Going beyond is what they do.

Each and every women has a touching story to tell or share.  Every facet of their personal lives have many downfalls and upbeats.  Cries of heartbreaks and heart-stopping events.  Their creation of their being is unmeasurable.  Some would share the graphics or keep it within.  Does anyone really care?

Here is the one place that DOES!!! As mentioned before. This article is inspired and designed by women. But, most importantly. Dedicated to ALL women!!!
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