The life that refreshes daily. In the midst of all life’s turmoils. Making the right decision can lead to devastation. The lifelong coaches, mentors, and teachers can only lead you as they see your capabilities. Unbeknownst, the truth is hidden within your mind. Through life’s experiences, challenges, and struggles of heartache.

Letting go and forgiving yourself of the broken promises, lies, and torture that everyone has done. No amount has or will ever be forgotten by the wrongful doer. No one has ever been granted immunity from it either. Let’s not forget those of whom it was done to. We all were born into innocence. What happens thereafter. Becomes one’s success or failure. But, in order to succeed. One must learn to deal with failure. In which they both go hand in hand. So, is success really about failure or vice versa? The answer. They both live in harmony from the beginning of time.

Many questions arise daily. Some may be so simple. For others, that same question can be taunting. While some days are for celebrating. But, at the same time crying from within with mixed emotions of reality. Be caught in the middle of it all and not knowing which way to turn. As each article of life has its own strengths and weaknesses.

As we try to create a path that does not have any twists and turns or a fork in the road. It is really unrealistic. To accept these undesired events. Though maybe too troubling to even wake up each day. Full knowing what lays ahead. Life must go on.

Let life begin by freeing your mind, body, and soul. For those who have the answers for everything. Try and think again. No one is perfect. But, in that imperfection. Doors open with eyes closed. Hear the whispers in the trees. To smell the essence of flowers nearby. Taste the crisp wind. Fell the earthly dirt between your toes. As the seas are bound to crash on the shores. So, is the air within us.

In conclusion. Everyone also has a precious gift. Rather they lead an unpleasing life or the gift of giving. If both were standing side by side without knowing who that person is. Without saying a word. At first glance. Both would be treated equally.

Finally, the time has come. To share a special gift. A single most favorite flower to all those above the clouds and to those walk this earth. What is your special gift?

The Untamed Heart………..


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